How to get high quality backlinks in 2020 for free


Everyone knows that high-quality backlinks directingto your site are important for SEO. If you want to rank well in the searchengines, the main thing you need, apart from great content, and properoptimization, is quality backlinks from high-ranking sites.

Create your personal backlinks

That sounds good in theory, but how do I dothat? I don’t have any other sites of my personal I can link from, and I don’twant to create one of those spammy PBN private blog networks, even thougheverybody tells me they still work. Black Hat stuff just isn’t cool, and Idon’t want to risk it.

Confidently you can’t create your own backlinkson other people’s sites? Not good quality ones anyhow …

Top High PA sites where you can createbacklinks

I think you may already have backlinks fromsome or all of these. Expectantly you have, in which case your task now is toreview the page your link is on, and make sure it follows the principles above.

Is your Twitter profile complete? Does yourFacebook page has lots of relevant content? Now is the time to work throughthem all and make sure.
If the first few sites look too obvious (huh,everybody knows that!), keep going down the list 

— I guarantee there will besome you don’t know or aren’t using when you could be.

YouTube (www.youtube.com)
Create a Youtube Channel. No videos of yourown? No problem, you can share other people’s (but do create at least one ofyour own too, it’s easy – see below). Make sure that the videos you put on yourchannel are relevant to your link. Your link goes in the ‘About’ page for yourchannel. Again, make sure there is plenty of relevant content in your about page— a good 300 words or so. You can also add your link in the description of yourvideos. You can put links in comments also, so make sure you add some, andagain make them relevant.

Facebook (www.facebook.com)
You hopefully already have a FacebookFan Page/Business Page. If not, create one at once — have you been living undera stone for the last 6 years! Put your link on the Page, and also you can addit to any posts or comments you make on your own Page or other people’s Pages.

Twitter (twitter.com)
You can put two links in your Twitter page —one in the ‘website’ field, and another one in the description. And they don’thave to be the same. If you’re not sure how to set up a Twitter profileproperly, there’s an excellent guide here, written by, oh yes, me!

Google bookmark (bookmark.google.com)
Although Google+ never took off as the game-changing social network it was supposed to be, it’s still a powerful sourceof backlinks. Put them in your Profile page, and also in individual posts.Backlinks from Google — nice!

Pinterest (pinterest.com)
You can get Backlinks from your profile page,and from Pins that you post. Pinterest is huge at the moment. And like allthese sites, you can get a lot of traffic from it, as well as backlinks.

LinkedIn (linkedin.com)
LinkedIn is HUGE. Not just for a veryhigh-authority backlink, but also for the traffic you can get from within thesite. It does require a bit of specialist knowledge to setup your LinkedInprofile properly, and hands down the best person I know to tell you how to dothis is Mirna Bacun. Follow her guide to setting up your LinkedIn profile andscore yourself not just a high quality backlink, but probably also a lot oftraffic too.

SlideShare (slideshare.net)
SlideShare is a presentation-sharing platformowned by LinkedIn. Just create a short presentation or two, and put your linksinside. They don’t need to belong, or complicated — you could just take somebullet points from a blog post for example, and turn them into a quickPowerPoint presentation.

Ana Hoffman has a superb article on how to dothis, it’s much easier than you think. And you can get a lot of traffic fromSlideShare too, as well as a link. Whatever you do, don’t miss this one out. Andnow, once you’ve made your presentation, you can turn it into a video andupload it to your YouTube channel — voila, two links!

Reddit (reddit.com)
Another site that can send you massive trafficif you do it right. The way to get your link here is to create your ownrelevant subreddit, and post your links, along with some relevant text in thecolumn on the right. You can also post links in comments on other subreddits,which can send you tons of traffic in a heartbeat, but be very careful. Read,and scrupulously obey, the guidelines and make sure you engage with thecommunity before posting any links.

Vimeo (vimeo.com)
Now you have the video of your presentationthat you made for YouTube, you can also share it here. Put a link in yourprofile, and also in any video as that you post.

Vube (vube.com)
Another video sharing site where you can put abacklink on your About page.

Flickr (flickr.com)
Yet another huge site where you can getbacklinks. Just share some photographs, and you can put backlinks in yourprofile, and in the descriptions too. You could use product photographs, blogpost headers, pictures from social media posts, even a picture of you — itdoesn’t matter! Flickr also does video too, so post that video that you madefor YouTube here as well. It’s coming in handy, that little video isn’t it?Well worth the couple of hours it took to make it.

Tumblr (tumblr.com)
Tumblr is a massive high domain authority blogging site. Create a free blog (takesminutes), and you can share as many links as you like. As with all of thesethings, just a link on its own is no use. Post some interesting stuff, followother people, comment, share, and engage with the community, and you can builda following quite quickly.

Storify (storify.com)
Rapidly growing site where you can post yourown articles (stories), with links back to your site. Just create a smallexcerpt from your article or page, and link back to it from Storify.

Delicious (del.icio.us)
Social bookmarking site. Just bookmark yourlinks and build up your profile.

Wikipedia (en.wikipedia.org)
Huge! It’s not easy to get backlinks fromWikipedia, but they are well worth the effort if you can. The best way is tofind articles in your niche and find mistakes in them (eg broken links, oroutdated references) and fix them with a link to a page of your own that is abetter reference. Or you can add new references to your own material. Eitherway, you need to make sure that what you post is genuinely useful or your editwill soon be removed!

WikiHow (wikihow.com)
Similar to Wikipedia. You can create your ownarticles with links inside. Once again, you need to focus on providing useful,high-quality information, but as long as you do that there is no problem withproviding links to your site as references.

Quora (quora.com)
Huge site where people can ask and answerquestions. You can put a link in your profile, and also in your answers toquestions. Quora is a great place to meet your audience and find out whatproblems they are facing. Answer questions and build a presence in thecommunity, and you will quickly become a recognized expert, which will attracttraffic to your site. You can put links to your site into your answers too.

Have you got a WordPress site? If so you canpost a support question on the WordPress support forum and get a high qualitybacklink to your site. You must have some little issue with your site that youcould ask for help with — if not think of one. And you’ll probably get ananswer to your question too! Many WordPress themes also have a ‘showcase’ pagein their forums, or a ‘request for feedback’ page. If the Theme you’re usinghas one of these, you can get another link there. None of these links are veryrelevant to your niche, but they can actually send you a bit of traffic —especially if your site looks nice!

Diigo (diigo.com)
Social Bookmarking site where you can bookmarkyour own pages as well as other people’s. Links in your bookmarks and also inyour profile. You can also create groups to engage with other people and makeyour links more relevant.

Disqus (disqus.com)
Blog commenting system. Create an account andput a link in your profile page. You can also put links in comments that youleave, subject of course to them being approved by the blog owner. But if theyprovide useful information, and are a valuable addition to the thread, ratherthan just blatant self promotion, you should be fine.

Livefyre (livefyre.com)
Another blog commenting system, like Disqus.Again, you can put a backlink in your profile page, and more links in yourcomments. If you do it right, you can get backlinks in comments on some of thebiggest sites in the world.

TED (ted.com)
A huge and highly engaged global community.Create a profile and fill in all the details, adding links to your site andsocial media accounts.

Alltop (alltop.com)
All the top stories from around the world. Hugesource of high-quality backlinks. Submit your site to AllTop, and if acceptedyou’ll get do-follow links from a DR 66 site that’s growing all the time.

Criticue (criticue.com)
Website review site. Submit your site forreview and you’ll get a nice dofollow link, and also some feedback on your siteas well!

Medium (medium.com)
One of my favorite sites on the internet.People go to Medium specifically to read great content — there is a hungrycrowd there. You can post excerpts from your articles with a link back to yoursite to read the whole thing, and put a link in your profile too. These linksare all dofollow, and Medium has a DR of 87!

About Me (about.me)
This is a recommendation from Michael White,and he duly got his link in return! About.me gives you a beautiful personalinformation page with a dofollow link to your website, and your social mediaprofiles from the 502nd biggest site on the internet with an Ahrefs DR of 75.Thanks, Michael!

Nofollow vs Dofollow links

You may think “a lot of these links are nofollow links, therefore they’re worthless”.
They most certainly aren’t worthless! Primarily a lot of those links are dofollowlinks, not nofollow.

Furthermore, although Google says that theydon’t take any account of nofollow links in their ranking algorithm, they don’talways tell us everything! In fact there is quite a lot of evidence to suggestthey do take account of them. If you’re interested, you can read more aboutthis at Search Engine Land.

I’ve certainly seen nofollow backlinks show upin Google Webmaster Tools.
And many of these links will send traffic intheir own right, irrespective of any SEO benefit. And links bring other linksfrom other sites. So they are all worth having.

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