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03:30NYPD, Health Department Decide Public Shouldn't Know How Many New Yorkers Are Killed By Cops Every Year (21)


19:51Goldman Sachs Created A Font, But You Are Forbidden By Its License To Critique Goldman Sachs Using It (27)
15:46Charles Harder Tries And Fails To Censor Another Book About His Most Famous Client, The President (101)
13:39Author Of Section 230 Chris Cox Says All The Critics Are Wrong About The History And Intent Of 230 (16)
11:58John Bolton Doesn't Need Copyright Protection (11)
10:45Barr DOJ Weaponized Antitrust To Launch Flimsy Inquiries Into Legal Weed Companies (18)
10:40Daily Deal: The All-In-One Six Sigma Bundle (0)
09:30Another Day, Another Bad Bill To Reform Section 230 That Will Do More Harm Than Good (39)
06:25T-Mobile Is Already Trying To Wiggle Out Of Its Sprint Merger Conditions (14)
03:18UK Information Commissioner Says Police Are Grabbing Too Much Data From Phones Owned By Crime Victims (23)


20:03Top German Court Rules Facebook's Collection And Use Of Data From Third-Party Sources Requires 'Voluntary' Consent (18)
14:11Judge Sides With Twitter Over Devin Nunes In Case Over Satirical Internet Cow: Section 230 Removes Twitter From Frivolous Case (43)
12:30Is Data Privacy A Privilege? The Racial Implications Of Technology Based Tools In Government (3)
10:50DOJ Finally Uses FOSTA, Over Two Years Later... To Shut Down A Site Used By Sex Workers (21)
10:45Daily Deal: The All-In-One Mastering Organization Bundle (0)
09:23Senators Launch Full On Nuclear War Against Encryption: Bill Will Require Broken Encryption, Putting Everyone At Risk (52)
06:27The Coronavirus Laid Bare Our Empty Lip Service To Fixing The 'Digital Divide' (7)
03:26Copyright Filters And Takedowns Are Broken: Questlove Says YouTube Flagged Him For Playing His Own Tracks (55)


19:47More NYPD Reforms: Super-Violent Plainclothes Units Disbanded, Body Cam Footage Given A 30-Day Release Mandate (16)
15:54Terrible, Dangerous EARN IT Act Set To Move Forward In The Senate; Attack On Both Encryption And Free Speech Online (104)
13:30Techdirt Podcast Episode 246: The Latest Attacks On Section 230 (0)
12:02Further Thoughts On Moderation v. Discretion v. Censorship (25)
10:44Cheez-It Issues A Bogus DMCA Notice To Nuke A Picture It Didn't Like, Receives Dozens Of Offensive Images In Response (20)
10:39Daily Deal: Naztech Ultimate Power Station -- Qi Wireless + 5 USB + 4,000mAh Battery (0)
09:26Hello! You've Been Referred Here Because You're Wrong About Section 230 Of The Communications Decency Act (120)
06:22The Fastest ISP In America Is Community Owned And Operated (20)
03:15French Constitutional Council Kills Government's Brand New Hate Speech Law (3)


20:20FDA First: Agency Approves Video Game Treatment For ADHD, Requires A Prescription (22)
15:33Appeals Court Says California's IMDb-Targeting 'Ageism' Law Is Unconstitutional (25)
13:42One Of The World's Largest Web Tracking Companies Leaks Tons Of Personal Info From An Unsecured Server (11)
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