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Large Walnut Memory Box Set


Large Walnut Memory Box Set A grandfather in California reached out to me about making a set of memory boxes…

Mahogany Jewelry Box
Bespoke Mahogany Jewelry Box

The Mahogany Jewelry Box A gentleman approached me about how his wedding anniversary was coming up and that he wanted…

Bubinga Phone Charger

The Bubinga Phone Charger Recently I got a new phone and it has the wireless charging feature. I was not…

3D Printer Upgrade: BuildTak Flex Plate System

Upgrading the 3D printer with the BuildTak Flex Plate System The Why I had been using a plate of borosilicate…

Review: Starbond Super Glue

Using any of the Starbond links on the page (or you can click here) will get you a 10%Discount on…

Review: Mahoney’s Walnut Oil

Mahoney’s Walnut Oil I have seen this at my local Woodcraft countless times and have always been intrigued by it.…

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