538prom精品视频在线播放online businessThe era known as the "Dot Com" boom is generally accepted to have begun in 1996 when large corporations began to realize that this new "Internet thing" presented some tremendous sales opportunities. It didn't take long for a gold rush mentality to set in and the Internet was flooded with venture capital money that was being thrown at anyone who could throw together a halfway decent business plan for doing businessonline. Fueled by a seemingly unlimited supply of money, combined with unbridled greed and a rapidly advancing technology, new business ventures hit the Internet by the thousands.

538prom精品视频在线播放After a time, reality replaced fantasy and it became apparent that many of these online business models were not sustainable and web sites began to close as fast as they had opened.

When the "Dot Com Bust" occurred in 2001, it didn't spell the end of doing onlinebusiness on the Internet, it just spelled the end of wasteful spending and pie-in-the-sky plans which weren't sustainable in reality. What was left after the dust cleared was a more sensible online business model that opens doors for anyone who is willing to work hard and work smart. If you are looking to get rich overnight, try buying a lottery ticket; you'll have a better chance. The rest of you, who are interestedin doing business online should continue reading.

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