韩国网站大全We offer thorough Office & Commercial Cleaning Services for your office or business. Our Janitorial Services are including: all type of an office buildings, medical offices building, daycares, schools, fitness centers, grocery stores, food manufacturing plants, restaurants, retail stores, religious facilities, community centers, condo buildings, apartment buildings, recreational centers and day porter to name a few.

Star Team Cleaning provides highly comprehensive, cost-effective, and professional Office? Cleaning & Janitorial? Services in Toronto, GTA and surrounding Areas . We work with our clients to develop a custom cleaning schedule that are available every day of the week and weekends, 24/7 to get the job done.

Commercial Cleaning & Office? Cleaning Services? Toronto

At Star Team Cleaning, we have developed extensive systems and processes, including comprehensive and ongoing training to our janitorial teams, to ensure that our business is just as professional, consistent, and reliable as yours. Our clients enjoy peace of mind knowing that they are in the best hands.

Get Star Team Cleaning for Exceptionally Clean Office and Work Place that leaves a lasting impression on your employees and clients. Our Services are Affordable, Reliable and Flexible to fit your unique needs and expectations. We stand behind all our work and ?you will be 100% Satisfied with our Commercial Cleaning Services .?

Commercial Cleaning Services include:

  • Complete floor cleaning: sweeping, mopping and vacuuming
  • Kitchen, washroom cleaning
  • Break, lunchroom and cafeteria cleaning
  • Reception, lobby and hallway cleaning
  • Detail cleaning of Meeting rooms and offices
  • Garbage removal
  • Dirt and dust removal
  • Walls and windows cleaning services
  • Shower cleaning
  • Day Porter
  • Apartment/Condo Building Common Areas Cleaning
  • And much more…

Businesses We Clean

  • Restaurants, Bars, Pubs, Nightclubs, Cafes, Fast food
  • Retail stores, Plazas, Malls, Auto dealerships
  • Resorts, Hotels, Motels, Casinos
  • Educational facilities, Schools, Daycares
  • Salons and Spas
  • Veterinary, Medical and Dental facilities
  • ?Entertainment venues and Arenas
  • Gyms, Fitness Centres, Dance Classrooms/Studios
  • ?Religious buildings
  • Warehouses, Distribution centres, Stock areas
  • Multi-venue spaces, Commercial plazas, Parking areas, High rises, & More.

Specialized Services include:?

  • Stripping & Waxing
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Walls and Windows Cleaning
  • Tile & Grout Cleaning/Scrubbing
  • Fully Shower Disinfecting/Foam Cleaning
  • Day Porter
  • Buffing & Burnishing
  • Power Washing
  • And much more…


Star Team Cleaning is committed to provide better then the best cleaning company in the commercial cleaning services industry, to make sure all our COSTOMERs operate in an ECONOMICAL, safe, secure, welcoming and healthy work environment.


Star Team Cleaning is a all-in-one cleaning service provider to a broad variety of buildings in Ontario. We are a 100% Canadian owned and operated company. Our Aim?is To provide superior quality cleaning services that exceed all expectations: COSTOMERS recommend to other businesses, families and friends.


Business Cleaning Services in Toronto

With over decades of professional cleaning experience, we know and recognize that our success in the commercial cleaning industry can be attributed to hands on training,? and continuously improving our services. WE LISTEN OUR CUSTOMERS very carefully to understand their needs so we can deliver our usually highest quality commercial cleaning and janitorial solutions for their facility.

Whether you are in Toronto, Scarborough, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Ajax, Maple, Mississauga, Woodbridge, Stouffville, Milton, Markham, Oshawa, Concord, Thornhill, North York, Oakville, Aurora, Brampton, Newmarket, Etobicoke, Pickering,?GTA Surrounding Areas more...we provide Complete Commercial Office Cleaning & Janitorial Services.?


  • Competitive and better pricing
  • Custom schedule to fit your unique needs
  • Pay only what you need
  • Flexible schedule for your small or large offices or buildings.
  • Daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly or one time clean.
  • Pricing starts at $175/month.


  • All crew members are Dedicated to provide you a consistent clean.
  • We design a cleaning schedule with you based on what you need.
  • Professional and trained crews get the job done right every time.
  • Trained Cleaners Knowing WHAT, WHEN and How Cleaning Task Need to be Performed.
  • We consistently monitor the servicing of our client’s premises with unscheduled inspections to Measure, Track & Report Real Level of Cleanliness.


  • All our Cleaning Crew members are screened and carefully selected and trained.
  • Criminal background checks performed before starting work
  • uniformed crews with photo ID
  • Bonded and insured, WSIB compliant
  • Maintain $5M Commercial Liability Insurance.


Quality control is very important to Star Team Cleaning. ?We constantly monitor the service of our customers’ premises with unscheduled on-site mobile inspection to measure, track & report of cleanliness to identify the issue early and allow us to quick correction.

Trained and Certified? Cleaners

Our Commercial & Office Cleaning Service’s team receive extensive hands on training and ongoing support.? In our step-by-step cleaning process, safety and very detailed cleaning schedule so we can provide a consistent cleaning to meet and exceed your expectations. Our on-going Training continues for all of our team members. We?are?constantly?striving?to?improve our cleaning service to our costumers therefore we implement on the latest cleaning techniques, methods, chemicals and technology .

We will assign a specific crew member for your facility therefore Dedicated cleaners to provide you a consistent clean. Your facility is safe & secure in the hands of skilled, certified cleaners know how cleaning tasks need to be done in a professionally and? timely manner. so you can feel comfortable in your choice of our cleaning company.

At Star Team Cleaning, our number one objective is to make sure our customers facilities are clean, fresh and presentable when they come in the morning.

Office Cleaning Services

Maintaining a clean and sanitary office work environment, providing service to single offices, multi-office units, medical/dental suites, and entire office buildings.?We know that a healthy work environment means better productivity for you!

Commercial Cleaning Services

Servicing commercial units including retail stores, malls, restaurants, bars, hotels, spas, salons, daycares, schools, auto dealerships, religious institutions, gyms, fitness centers, entire commercial buildings, plazas, high rises, and more.

Floor Waxing & Carpet Cleaning

Whether your floors are made from wood, marble, tile, carpet, or anything in between, we provide solutions to keep them looking their best, protecting them from rain, snow, dirt, or unsightly?messes – professional floor and carpet care.

Janitorial Cleaning Services

Our company offers an array of janitorial solutions to fit any size, any type of business, building, and environment. From cleaning entire buildings, day porters, to seasonal and specialized services, we offer comprehensive, custom cleaning plans.

100 % Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

We are committed to ensuring that all of our Customers are satisfied with our Cleaning Services.

  • Advanced Technology: We use the latest products in cleaning technology, including environmentally friendly, and hospital-grade disinfectants( CDC and EPA Approved ) –therefore safe for you, your staff and your visitors.
  • Exemplary training is a key to Star Team Cleaning’s success and our customers satisfaction
  • Detailed Cleaning Schedule: Daily, Weekly and Monthly?
  • Regular Physical on-site Mobile inspection and Quality Control to ensure cleaning tasks are done correctly.
  • Background Checked,?wear professional Star Team Cleaning Uniforms and have ID badges
  • Cleaning tasks are completed properly, on time and according to our customers’ specifications
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all of our work because We’re very confident in our Commercial Office Cleaning & Janitorial Services that we provide?
  • If there is an issue with our services we definitely come back within 24 hours to rectify the issue at no extra cost

Fully Bonded and Insured

Star Team Cleaning team members are fully? insured and bonded. All our cleaners are skilled and trained in the safety & security as well as they are insured against employee accidents, dishonesty and liability. Background check performed before cleaning crews start working at your facility. ?Maintained $5M commercial liability insurance, $10,000 janitorial Bond and WSIB compliant. Our WHMIS trained? cleaning crew members are screened and carefully selected.

Regular On-Site Inspection

We consistently monitor the servicing of our clients’ premises with unscheduled inspections to Measure, Track & Report Real Level of Cleanliness. We use Mobile App to capture and upload inspection data that unique to your cleaning schedule. The system notifies our team who resolve the issues quickly and timely manner and adds follow-up to void similar issue. A inspection report is saved in our system for areas need improvement. This report will be reviewed with our expert onsite supervisor/manager and deficiencies will be rectified Right away. All these inspection reports are recorded for future tracking in our software system to analyze the performance.

Cleaning for Health

Star Team Cleaning management receive inspection report that indicates a site visit, customer concerns, issues needed to pay extra attention and re-train the team to make sure the issues addressed and will not happen again.? Moreover, the system sets a date for re-inspection the site to ensure the cleaning team has established a permanent solution for the issues.

Green and Eco-Friendly Janitorial Services & Commercial Cleaning

We also provide green janitorial services to make work place environmentally friendly by limiting chemical waste, using and promoting health and eco-friendly products and practices. We achieve these green cleaning by implementing some of equipment and products.

Micro-Fiber technology:

Star Team Cleaning has replaced conventional cleaning cloths with an anti-microbial impregnated micro-fiber system which cleans greener and dry while removing more dust contaminants. Star Team Cleaning uses a four-color coded Micro-fiber system, which virtually eliminates cross-contamination. Using only the red micro-fiber cloths in restrooms for disinfecting reduces the spread of germs and harmful bacteria to other areas of your property.
Benefits of Microfiber Technology for Your Facility:

  • Time-Effective and Efficient
  • Environmentally Friendly and Reduces Chemical Usage
  • Preserves Surfaces
  • Increases Cleanliness and Hygiene
  • Controls infection
  • Prevents cross-contamination
  • Differentiate for specific tasks or job
  • Identify between departments

Back Pac Vacuum Technology:

Our Back Pac vacuums have a four-level filtration for exceptionally clean and healthy indoor air quality. These powerful vacuums:

  • Capture up to 99% of dust mites, pollen, viruses, bacteria and chemical residue
  • Leaves less dust in your environment so there is less dust to collect on desk and furniture
  • Help reduce the risk of respiratory infection
  • Create a healthier environment for your facility
  • HEPA filtration system captures fines particles such as dust, dust mites and allergens to improve air quality and to ensure a healthier cleaning experience for staff and customers

Environmentally Safe Chemicals

  • Star Team Cleaning through its alliance partners offer Green Solutions, a colorless, odorless and environmentally conscious line of cleaning chemicals.
  • Safe for your employees
  • Highly effective cleaning solutions
  • Designed to be environmentally friendly

Hospital Grade Disinfectants

  • The objective of our cleaning process is not only to clean well, but also clean for improved health. Star Team Cleaning uses hospital grade disinfectants for your?employees.

We offer customizable cleaning packages and superior quality services that above and beyond industry standards. Size does not matter to us-we handle the cleaning job efficiently and effectively for any commercial facility. Contact us today to get an excellent janitorial service & commercial cleaning and competitive prices for all services.

Our experience in servicing businesses throughout?Southern Ontario is unmatched. We have clients of all sizes and types, in every type of building and operating environment. Star Team Cleaning provides 24/7 service to the following areas:

Our Service Area

  • GTA
  • Toronto
  • North York
  • East York
  • Scarborough
  • Mississauga
  • Vaughan
  • Concord
  • Maple
  • Woodbridge
  • King City
  • Thornhill
  • Aurora
  • NewMarket
  • Barrie
  • Stouffville
  • Pickering
  • Ajax
  • Oshawa
  • Markham
  • Brampton
  • Oakville
  • Burlington
  • Etobicoke
  • Richmond Hill
  • Milton
  • Nobleton
  • Kitchener
  • Waterloo
  • St. Catharine
  • Hamilton
  • Cambridge

Our janitorial solutions are also available in other areas. If you do not see your location listed, please contact us and we will promptly help you. We provide free, no-obligation cleaning quotes and consultations.

Certified Commercial Cleaning Services

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