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Put Local Marketing to Work for your Brand

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COVID-19 has forced businesses into action on a local level. MomentFeed's local marketing strategies can help you weather the storm.

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Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting

Control Your Brand's Digital Footprint on Facebook, Google, Yelp, Apple and Bing

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Hear what our clients have to say about us!

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“I’d absolutely recommend MomentFeed. It’s created my own marketing department, my own team. Rather than just being a team of one, I’m a team of 100, helping to make sure that our business stays successful.”

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Mobile is here to stay. It’s how consumers find you and get directions to your stores. It’s also where they engage with content or post ratings and reviews – good or bad.


MomentFeed gives you the power to navigate the mobile landscape and generate?more foot traffic to your locations.

Manage the entire customer mobile experience: Awareness, Consideration, Purchase and Advocacy - across every digital storefront.


Google, Facebook, Instagram, Apple, Yelp, Bing, TripAdvisor, Snapchat and Foursquare

MomentFeed’s Proximity Search Optimization (PSO) Platform is modular software that empowers multi-location brands to influence consumers across the most-used mobile networks, apps and services.


Across the country or the globe, you can manage all your digital storefronts at once with the PSO Platform.

Your brand may operate hundreds or thousands of physical locations, making it more convenient for consumers to buy from you, but smaller businesses?are still able to compete online.


We’ll give you the tools to leverage your network of stores, restaurants, branches or showrooms to become more visible and engaging on mobile – staying ahead of your competition, online and offline. Even better, drive (and measure) sales increases, converting mobile consumers into paying customers.

With MomentFeed, we've been able to increase local awareness, in-store traffic, mobile ordering and overall sales at our restaurants. We're looking forward to continuing to build our presence in the communities we serve.

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Influence customers in seconds to?capture?every mobile moment

Mobile Advertising
Mobile Marketing
Mobile Customer Care
Social Media Engagement
Location Data Management
Rating/Review Management
Search Engine Optimization

Unique Software for
Multi-Location Brands

There are plenty of software vendors that provide point-solutions for digital marketing, advertising and social media management, but only MomentFeed was designed for the unique needs of multi-location businesses. Additionally, MomentFeed links all digital channels together to illuminate their combined impact on in-store sales.

Your main connection to consumers is through your stores, not your corporate office. And since mobile recommendations are based on a consumer’s location, leveraging your online network of stores offers a huge advantage. With MomentFeed you’ll be more visible, more engaging and see significantly boosted advertising ROI, driving more in-store sales.

Local Pages deliver 5x the reach per fan 8x the engagement and 40x the overall impact of the corporate brand page.
Permissions and profiles within MomentFeed make workflows and approvals a breeze.

MomentFeed’s software, along with your dedicated MomentFeed Client Success Manager, can help you create a unique presence for each of your stores, shops, or restaurants, making each one the obvious choice for nearby mobile consumers. And, you’ll be able to empower franchisees, store managers and field marketing teams to engage, too.

Using MomentFeed is like having an army of online marketers - one at every location - all working in unison to drive mobile consumers to each store.

Do More on Mobile

Mobile is the future. MomentFeed will help you simplify and maximize mobile marketing and advertising, truly transforming how consumers experience your business.

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You’ll regain your investment in just months.


You’ll be able to prove the value of mobile efforts to the rest of your organization.


You’ll realize you’ve never had this much influence over the success of each of your locations.

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