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1967-2017 : un demi-siècle de contre-culture américaine
1967-2017: 50 Years of American Counterculture
Edited by Frédéric Robert

They came for the music, the mind-bending drugs, to resist the Vietnam War and 1960s American orthodoxy, or simply to escape boredom. And they left an enduring legacy.This season marks the 50th anniversary of that legendary “Summer of Love,” when throngs of American youth descended on San Francisco to join a cultural revolution. Thinking back on 1967, Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead recalls a creative explosion that sprouted from fissures in American society. That summer marked a pivot point in rock-and-roll history, he says, but it was about much more than the music.
“Fifty Years since that Legendary Summer of Love”, The Hindu, June 13, 2017
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